1. n
1) мера, единица измерения
2) мерка; размер
3) масштаб, критерий
4) мероприятие, мера

- accurate measure
- adjustment measures
- administrative measures
- anti-avoidance measures
- anti-delinquency measures
- anti-evasion measures
- antiinflationary measures
- antiterrorism measures
- austerity measures
- coercive measure
- collective measures
- compensating measures
- compulsory measures
- confidence-building measures
- consolidating measures
- constitutional measures
- corrective measures
- cost-effectiveness measure
- cubic measures
- dependency measure
- devaluation measures
- disadvantageous tax measures
- discriminatory measures
- drastic measures
- dry measures
- economy measures
- effective measures
- effectiveness measure
- effectual measures
- emergency measures
- enforcement measures
- environmental measures
- extreme measures
- fierce measures
- follow-up measures
- governmental measures
- health measure
- immediate measures
- imperial measures
- industrial safety measures
- inefficient measures
- interim measures
- legislative measures
- linear measures
- liquid measures
- metric measures
- money measure
- performance measure
- practical measures
- precautionary measures
- preference measure
- preparatory measures
- preventive measures
- priority measures
- profitability measure
- proper measures
- protectionist measures
- protective measures
- provisional measures
- publicity measures
- rationing measures
- reliability performance measure
- restrictive measures
- retaliatory measures
- revenue measures
- revenue-enhancement measures
- safety measures
- security measures
- square measures
- standard measure
- status measure
- tax measures
- tax-raising measures
- temporary measures
- timely measures
- tough measures
- trade measures
- unit measure
- unlawful measures
- urgent measures
- utility measure
- volume measures
- waiting measure
- measures against money laundering
- measures for dismantling monetary gaps
- measures for economic development
- measures for export restraint
- measures for import restraint
- measures for labour protection
- measures for sales promotion
- measures of area
- measures of assistance
- measures of business cycle
- measures of capacity
- measure of coercion
- measures of compulsion
- measure of concentration
- measure of consumption
- measures of control
- measure of damages
- measure of dispersion
- measures of economizing
- measure of effectiveness
- measure of labour intensity
- measure of last resort
- measures of precaution
- measure of precision
- measure of prices
- measure of priority
- measure of producibility
- measure of productivity
- measure of profitability
- measure of quality
- measure of reliability
- measure of utility
- measure of utilization
- measure of value
- measures of weight
- measures on labour protection
- measures to combat the legal avoidance of tax
- made to measure
- adopt fierce measures against price-fixing
- apply measures
- call off measures
- put measures into effect
- take measures
- undertake measures
- work out measures
2. v

English-russian dctionary of contemporary Economics. 2014.

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